dentist_300hBelow you will find articles and links on many different subjects. We encourage you to continually gather any and all information that will help you in your dental practices. We are not here to try to convince you to change the way you practice. Our mission is to merely educate dental professionals and the general public. We recommend that you consult with your accountants, attorneys and other advisors and make decisions that are best for you and your practice.

Kodak Study Relevant Today by The Greater St. Louis Dental Society.

The Affordable Care Act is about to go into effect. We need to try to gather as much information on this as we can, so that we can position ourselves in the right place to work with it. Below are links from the American Dental Association that contains information that will be useful:

Below is a lecture given by Bill Perry of BWTP, a CPA firm in St. Louis that works with a large number of dentists. They possess a great understanding of the economics of a dental practice.